How We Got Here – please sign the petition at the bottom!

Right now it’s a couple of days before a mother is required to to hand over her 15 month old for unsupervised visitation to a man for whom there is a warrant out for driving infractions, a man who has verbally abused her, a man who has been negligent in care for the baby.  If she doesn’t hand over the baby, her family court judge has told her she will go to jail, and that the baby will be taken away from her.  The judge has refused to look at the videos below.

It’s important for you to know that the father was absent during the first 9 months of the baby’s life and missed visitation and opportunities to see her after that; he hasn’t formed a relationship with the baby.

Back Story:  The Last Straw

He drives up with an uninstalled car seat.  For the second time. As happened the first time, he tries for 45 minutes to install the seat, and fails.

When the protective mother tries to prevent him from driving off with the child strapped into an uninstalled car seat, he behaves as shown on this video:


Would you bring a child–any non-verbal, helpless small child back to this situation?
The mother cannot bear to return. She offers supervised visits. In the next 3 months, the father on the video takes her up only once on her offer.  He then accuses her of contempt of court.

The judge fully agrees, refusing to look at the video, the documentary evidence, and witness statements.  He also refuses to consider a contempt filing by the mother: the father is in contempt for numerous infractions.  The judge turns over the child, a nursing baby who cries every time she see the man who behaves in this manner, now for overnight visitations, and promises to give him all holidays.

Should a man who cannot install a very simple car seat and who cannot control his temper and thinks nothing of traumatizing a small child, be trusted unsupervised to safely care for that child?

We are desperate for help right now – if you can help in any way, contact us, and please sign this petition.

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