If he beats you up, said the judge, come to me and I’ll talk to you.

Some of us who look at the video from the previous post will be shocked and horrified. Others of us will be less disturbed, noting that there is far worse child abuse around.  From a recent Huffington Post article about the shortcomings of family court: “…many family courts continue to only consider only one factor when determining child custody or visits for abusive men; whether he has put his hands on the children. Short of that, he is ‘good to go’ as a custodial parent in the eyes of custody evaluators and judges.” Wow.  Read the article here.

It Does Matter

The video shows how the baby’s father behaves in public; this is not the only time he has behaved this way with his daughter; he has behaved this way with others as well, and has an arrest record it show for it.

If this is the way he acts in public, how does he behave in private, where no one can see or attempt to stop him? The mother has been verbally abused by him, threatened, and shoved and pushed.  They were able to cut the encounters short before the abuse went any further.  However, no one knows how he acts with a helpless little person who cannot stop him.

How could this mother put her little child into this situation?
Well, for one, the judge ordered her to, under penalty of having the child taken away from her completely.  Did the judge know of the violent propensities of this man?  Possibly not, because he refused to look at the accumulated evidence–and there was documented evidence and there were impartial witnesses.  The judge said he did not care: If he beats you up, said the judge, come to me and I’ll talk to you about it.

Those of us who are truly concerned about ending violence, especially violence against children, might be interested in preventing a situation when there is every indication of probable violence, instead of attempting to patch a traumatized child up after the fact.

In this case, the video demonstrates emotional violence, accompanying the physical manhandling.  In public.  What happens in private?  Is the chance worth taking?

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