Today It Happened

Below is a video of the hand-off of the baby.  For two days and two nights.  The baby’s pediatrician said this morning that the mother should expect the baby to regress in development and in potty training.  It’s heartbreaking to watch the baby being torn away from her mother, who has been her only caregiver since birth, and taken by stranger.


You should also know that the judge ordered mother to leave after dropping the baby off. She wasn’t allowed the check the carseat, which the father has never been able to install himself to date-the last time the mother had to ask an officer at install for him.  Today, after fifteen minutes he was still in the parking lot, fiddling with the carseat.  She had to leave without knowing if it was correctly installed.

Please, if you are moved, sign this petition to investigate the judge who has refused to listen to her concerns or review her evidence of why the baby should not have unsupervised visits.  That’s all she s asking for, supervised visitations.

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