Holding Him Accountable to the Law

On Monday the mother of the child and her mother made the following criminal complaints against the judge with the local sherif’s department.  If you are moved to take a stand against this injustice, please sign this petition to investigate this judge.

Names and addresses have been removed:

I, ——, residing at ——-, West Virginia, am making a criminal complaint against —Judge ———- of the ——- Family Court in ——, West Virginia.

In a written order of June 24, 2016, Judge ——- ordered me to give my daughter, ———- to her father ——-, to take unsupervised out of the state of West Virginia, despite video evidence of my eyewitness account of [the father] putting the child willfully into danger of injury. By his order Judge —— is coercing me, under threat of a body attachment, to violate West Virginia code CHAPTER 61. CRIMES AND THEIR PUNISHMENT. ARTICLE 8D. CHILD ABUSE, by engaging in gross neglect that evidences a clear disregard for a minor child’s health, safety or welfare, and neglect, and the unreasonable failure by a parent, guardian or custodian of a minor child to exercise a minimum degree of care to assure the minor child’s physical safety or health.

If I follow Judge —–‘s orders, I will knowingly put the child into physical danger and disregarding her health, safety and welfare and thus breaking the law.

Moreover, by issuing such an order, while having in his possession visual evidence of child neglect and abuse by [the father], Judge ——, as a person in a position of trust in regard to the child is violating the same provisions of the code.

I am also making a criminal complaint against Judge —— for harassing and terrorizing me with threats to deprive me of my Constitutional rights under the Fourteenth Amendment by denying me due process. Judge —— has threatened to impose sanctions on me, including depriving me of liberty and of the custody of my child based on his “feelings” rather than on evidence, and without a hearing.


I, ——-, residing at ———–, West Virginia, am making a complaint of criminal harassment against Judge —– of the —- County Family Court.

On June 23, 2016, around and about 8:35 am, [the judge] telephoned me on my cell phone number: ——–. He said he was at a hearing. I am in no way party to any hearing either before Judge —– or in any other court, nor have I ever been. Therefore Judge —– had no reason whatsoever to call me about that or any other matter. I do not know him and had never spoken to him before this call.

Judge —- then proceeded to harass and threaten me, saying I would have to pay his court $5000 for starters, and that the case he was hearing would be costing me a whole lot more. This sounded—and still sounds—like extortion to me.

The entire phone call, which lasted more than half an hour, and at the start of which I attempted to say that I was not part of the case, is recorded on the court dvd, and thus can be viewed and listened to hear  Judge —-‘s exact words.

I am requesting that the police take the proper measures to charge —— with harassment for the purpose of extortion. The code violation is: West Virginia Code 61-8-16 (5). and §61-3C-14a., (2) and (3) and §61-2-13.

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