Blame The Victim

When there is a question of abuse in a family court case, the judge will often appoint a guardian-ad-litem. This is someone who is supposed to look objectively at the situation, and determine if there is cause for concern.

In this case, the judge appointed guardians ad litem, whom he instructs to investigate the situation with a view to turning the child over to the biological father, something the mother has been fighting against because of the father’s abusive behavior.

The guardians ad litem are two law students supervised by a WVU College of Law faculty attorney. They set up a “supervised” visit between the biological father and the 21 month old child.  We’ll talk more about what happened at the supervised visit in another post, but first, we’d like to talk how the guardians viewed the video on this blog (it’s anchored on the home page if you would like to view it).

So many of you have written in, or signed and made a comment on the petition saying that you feel that this outburst from the father was aggressive, harmful to the child, and cause for concern.

The guardians too viewed and commented on this video. Their conclusion:

The two law students stated that the father was holding the baby incorrectly. They then went on to say that it was the mother’s fault. They decided-from the same video you have watched-that the mother incited an argument that prevented him from holding the baby correctly.

Wow. In that recording he is in a rage, yelling, swinging the baby under his arm, and calling the mother names. The mother is not grabbing for the child, but pleading with him to check that the car seat is put in correctly.

The two people tasked with making a recommendation to keep the child safe believe that it is the mother’s fault he behaved badly. They think he shouldn’t upset him, so he doesn’t get angry and act abusively.   Victim. Blaming. Shame on WVU College of Law.

Some of you, readers, must be parents. Has anyone, a spouse, partner, family member, stranger, made you upset while you were around or holding your child? What choices did you make do handle the situation differently than the father in the video?

Also, tell us, if you saw a father act that way in a parking lot with the mother saying what this mother says on the recording, what would your first thought be? That that guy needs to get control of his anger? That you are concerned for the child and/or mother? Or that it is the mother’ fault that he acts out?

If you want to comment completely anonymously, email us a comment, and we’ll post it without your info.

One thought on “Blame The Victim

  1. I am so sorry for the crazy interpretation of that video. These are obviously not people informed/trained on any parenting skills. Is a psychologist able to give an opinion? Someone from Cincinnati Childerens would be fabulous to get involved.


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